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The Birth Center of Boulder is staffed by a dedicated group of ten women - certified nurse midwives, registered nurses, IBCLCs, and office staff.  Our team has created a tranquil space to support and nurture each client with education and evidence based care.  We meet each client exactly where they are and support them on their journey towards health and parenthood. 

We are a licensed health care facility through the Colorado Department of Health
We are located 2.5 miles (less than 7 minutes) from Boulder Community Health Foothills Campus.

If you want to meet our staff, tour the facility, and learn more about the birth center, come to an orientation. Orientations are held the first Friday at noon and third Saturday at nin am every month, please read this information to learn more about us

your birth

At the Birth Center of Boulder your birth is supported by a certified nurse midwife and a registered nurse. Our practitioners are focused on evidence based care and physiological birth. That translates to knowing the current research on labor and birth, keeping you and your baby safe -and then letting your body do the work it needs to do. This is your birth team

your care

The cadence of your appointments with us is much like every other practitioner - but what is different is the depth and length of each appointment. We spend more time getting to know you and your family - we want you to feel heard and understood. We know that pregnancy is about growing a baby but it is also about growing a mama. So that might mean extra appointments or a cup of tea with the staff. This is your model of care

your choice

The decision of where to spend your health care dollars is difficult. We can help you navigate your insurance - and whether we are in network or out of network providers we find that often the cost of a birth at a birth center is far less than at a hospital. We are transparent with our financial policies and offer payment plans. This is your financial policy.