one FAMILYone MAMAone BABY at a TIME.


  • We bravely and compassionately offer the community a unique place to birth.                      
  • We open this space for supporteducationevidence based midwifery and a wellness collective
  • We hold true the strength and wisdom of women to bring forth life.                                        
  • We believe in health partnerships: where each woman agrees to take excellent care of herself and her baby and we pledge our committed care to you.
  • We dedicate to our families: RespectIntelligenceand Honesty.                                                
  • We hope for you to thriveto shineto feel powerful as you transform from Woman to Mamaenter reproductive age or transition beyond

Compassionate treatment of women and babies.

Our familiesand in thatwe value the creation of families.                                                
TimeConnectionAuthentic Relationships.
Collective design as our basis for collaborative practice.
The environment and a commitment to eco-birth practices. 

The Birth Center of Boulder is a collective initiative founded by 
dedicated women with an intention to create a sustainable birth and wellness center for our communityThe of us all connected through the world of birthThrough much time togetherconversationmelding of dreamspersistent workfocusflexibilitysimilar work ethics and life philosophy we realized that our ideas could become real

Recognizing that our people are the most important asset we have chosen to establish ourselves as a collective LLC

The Collective Model Guiding Principles: 

  • voluntary and open membership
  • democratic member control
  • member economic participation
  • autonomy and independence
  • education, training and information
  • cooperation among cooperatives
  • & concern for community

Inspiration: The raw realness of birth and transformation inspires usAs does natureartmusicconnectionand a willingness to collectively create something of sustainable value and beauty. 

Grateful: Each individual along our path has played a role in helping us get to where we are today and the creation of this possibility
Our familiesfriendsinvestorsmentorsheroesand community membersWe want to thank all of these important people with sincere gratitude and appreciation for believing in usinspiring usand helping us to make this dream a reality. Thank You. Thank You.