Personalized, holistictime intensiveevidence based careAn ancient art combined with modern science.

Pregnancy and labor as a state of wellness that includes your physicalemotionalspiritualand social wellbeing

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Our care package includes

  • First midwife appointment is one hour
  • Return midwife appointments are 30 - 45 minutes.
  • 4 trimester classes (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and baby + breastfeeding) on the first four Tuesday evenings of every month from 4 - 6 pm, taught by our nurses.  
  • Continuous labor support by a midwife and a nurse  
  • You leave the birth center 4 - 8 hours after you give birth.  
  • Next day a midwife phone call.
  • Between 24 and 48 hours after birth, a nurse home visit for mama and baby.
  • Mama and baby will come back to clinic for a one week, then just mama for a six week visit.  
  • Routine labor and birth supplies

To keep out of hospital birth safe for mama and baby we care for healthy low risk mamasWe are unable to accept women that have had a previous cesarean sectionbody mass index > 35, grand multips with > 5 birthsor women with significant medical conditions requiring medications. The criteria for women to be clients at the birth center include a desire for birth center birthanatomy ultrasoundgroup beta step testing and treatment if +, and attendance of classes at the birth centerAs we all know circumstances and health status may change as we move through our pregnanciesIf you develop any conditions that require transfer to a hospital based practice or you choose to transfer care we will assist you through this process.

All providers and staff play a role to ensure the best possible care for mama and babyWe recognize that we are only one piece of the puzzle to ensuring safequality care. We believe that health professionals working in a collaborative model ensures optimal outcomes for mamas, babies, and families. Our primary obstetrical consultants are two amazing Perinatologists who will also perform all of our ultrasound needs at Boulder Community Health. We consult with many other providers through out the Boulder and surrounding area on an as needed basis

In collaboration with Deborahlise Mota, Doctor of Oriental Medicine,  we offer IUI and ICI at our clinic.  Our program includes a comprehensive medical history review, 3 acupuncture appointments with Deborahlise, procedure with midwife, and use of a birth room.  The client provides washed sperm.  

We agree to stay current in all aspects of evidence based care in order to provide you with the highest quality of care.

We expect you to be open and honest about your health history and any current health issues you are experiencing. The safety of birth center birth is based on the premise that you are a healthy woman experiencing a normal pregnancy. This means that during labor things are proceeding normally, babe's heart rate is strong and steady, and the immediate postpartum period is normal for both mama and baby. The foundation of our relationship depends upon trust and open communication. We want you to actively participate in your care and ask as many questions as needed to feel knowledgable and confident