We are a collective made up of the founding members of the Birth Center,  
                            Angela Stevens, Jen James, Marian Stonacek, and Elizabeth Irvin.                        
We believe in the power of the group to make decisions and guide our business.  

Angela StevensMSNCNM
Angela is inspired by the art of midwifery
sharing the experience of birth with families and the continual lessons she learns from each relationshipShe has been practicing midwifery in Boulder for the last 6 years and is excited to provide women with a birth center optionAnother motivation of hers is to be involved with our global community, to share information, provide support, and hopefully to help decrease maternal and newborn mortalityShe has also studied nutritionherbal medicineAyurvedaand essential oils to provide a holistic approach to wellness

Abrie KoupalMSNCNM
Abrie witnessed her first birth in 2009: a transformative experience that left her with an undeniable calling to midwifery and caused her to walk away from a career in cross-cultural education.  Abrie completed her BSN at Regis University and her MSN at Frontier Nursing University.  She spent the majority of her student clinical hours learning at the Birth Center of Boulder.  She is beyond honored and thrilled to officially join the Birth Center’s team, and takes great joy in being able to continue to work with Birth Center families.  She also looks forward to doing her part to improve global maternal health  through international partnerships facilitated by the Birth Center in years to come.

Courtney Hasson, CNM
Courtney comes to the birth center after extensive experience as a labor and delivery RN and a CNM at a busy hospital based practice.  Courtney worked as a RN at The Birth Center of Boulder while she pursed her CNM degree.  Courtney is excited to be back at the birth center practicing in out of hospital setting. Courtney is excited to meet each birth center family where they are and to provide education and support. 

Julie Knutson, CNM, WHNP, IBCLC
Julie is overjoyed to be part of a team that honors the strength of women and the power of birth. She has worked in a variety of settings including in and out of hospital and with many cultures around the world. Through midwifery, Julie enjoys supporting women in wellness and developing lasting relationships with families. She is happy to serve her community in Boulder and as a member of the community, to continue to improve healthcare for women around the globe. In her free time, she is a yogi and trail runner and climbs mountains with her husband.

Courtney Hein, RN
Courtney has years and years of experience in labor and delivery and is currently pursuing her certified nurse midwifery licensure through Frontier Nursing School. Courtney is passionate about evidence based care and physiological birth and is enjoying all the knowledge that she is gaining from her current education at Frontier. 

Margie McSweeney, RN
Margie is a pillar of women's health care and midwifery support in the Boulder community.  Margie has been active as a RN for decades and has worked diligently to increase women's access to midwifery care. Margie brings her years of experience and calm expertise to the birth center team.  

Gena Valdez, BSN, RN,
Gena worked in mental health for many years before obtaining her BSN in 2009 from the Denver School of Nursing. Gena worked as acommunity health RN for several years.  Gena was inspired by the birth of her two children to transition to women's healthcare and labor and delivery nursing.  Gena is inspired by the mission of The Birth Center of Boulder and believes every women deserves the access and support to the birth of her choice.

Amanda Boni, AA
Amanda joined the birth center administrative team as the receptionist in 2018. Amanda has spent the past 6 years of her career working in healthcare - first as an EMT and Medical Assistant then transitioning into administrative support. Amanda enjoys the slower pace, personnel connection, and connected culture of the birth center.  

Karen Garyet
Karen has spent much of her career as a member of medical teams in women's health.  Karen has two grown daughters and has lived in Boulder for all of her adult life.

Elizabeth IrvinMS, CD
Elizabeth is a certified doula and is now folding that knowledge in with her business operations experience to help grow The Birth Center of BoulderThe birth of her three children, 2 with the guidance of midwifeAngela Stevensawakened her to the strength and wisdom of women as they transition into motherhoodPrior to motherhoodElizabeth was the Director of The Outdoor School in Santa BarbaraCA

Marian Stonacek
Marian envisions herself working in birth centers for as long as women keep having babies
She has worked in women's health care in Boulder for 24 years in all administrative capacitiesShe is a strong proponent of collaborative care models which emphasize the health of the mother throughout the entire birth experience



Kelly Roche Sproul is an established yoga instructor and psychotherapist specialized in working with women and couples from preconception thru postpartum and beyondShe brings a level of mastery through a compassionate approach to support the unique changes within the procreative process physicallymentallyemotionally and moreVisit mamaloveboulder.com for more information and to register for classes.

Birth doulas are welcomed and cherished at the birth center. If a family wants to incorporate a birth doula into their care experience we encourage the family to do so.  To this end we like all birth doulas working with a birth center family to come on a tour and join for at least one prenatal appointment. This enables the birth doula to feel 'at home' in the birth center - and to provide care that is collaborative with the midwives and nurses. 

One of the greatest gifts a new family can give itself is a community of support.  To this end we encourage you to explore the possibility of hiring a postpartum doula.  Postpartum doulas can assist in the transition to newborn life through supporting the mom, making a meal, doing baby laundry, helping with baby wearing, lactation support, and so much more.  Click here to see a
 list of postpartum doulas affiliated with the birth center.  



one FAMILYone MAMAone BABY at a TIME.


  • We bravely and compassionately offer the community a unique place to birth.                      
  • We open this space for supporteducationevidence based midwifery and a wellness collective
  • We hold true the strength and wisdom of women to bring forth life.                                        
  • We believe in health partnerships: where each woman agrees to take excellent care of herself and her baby and we pledge our committed care to you.
  • We dedicate to our families: RespectIntelligenceand Honesty.                                                
  • We hope for you to thriveto shineto feel powerful as you transform from Woman to Mamaenter reproductive age or transition beyond

Compassionate treatment of women and babies.

Our familiesand in thatwe value the creation of families.                                                
TimeConnectionAuthentic Relationships.
Collective design as our basis for collaborative practice.
The environment and a commitment to eco-birth practices. 

The Birth Center of Boulder is a collective initiative founded by 
dedicated women with an intention to create a sustainable birth and wellness center for our communityThe of us all connected through the world of birthThrough much time togetherconversationmelding of dreamspersistent workfocusflexibilitysimilar work ethics and life philosophy we realized that our ideas could become real

Recognizing that our people are the most important asset we have chosen to establish ourselves as a collective LLC

The Collective Model Guiding Principles: 

  • voluntary and open membership
  • democratic member control
  • member economic participation
  • autonomy and independence
  • education, training and information
  • cooperation among cooperatives
  • & concern for community

Inspiration: The raw realness of birth and transformation inspires usAs does natureartmusicconnectionand a willingness to collectively create something of sustainable value and beauty. 

Grateful: Each individual along our path has played a role in helping us get to where we are today and the creation of this possibility
Our familiesfriendsinvestorsmentorsheroesand community membersWe want to thank all of these important people with sincere gratitude and appreciation for believing in usinspiring usand helping us to make this dream a reality. Thank You. Thank You.