Celebrate Stephanie Moore and Becoming Mothers!!!

Beloved Community,

As you know, Stephanie Moore has shared her PASSION for community, connections and bringing together folks for over 15years! 
As Becoming Mother's doors close and Stephanie steps into her next chapter, let's join together in honoring, reflecting and celebrating with her, as well as offering our gratitude for her services and her supportive work in our birthing and parenting communities.

Potluck + Toast to Stephanie Moore and Becoming Mothers
APRIL 29th (Wed) at 6pm
at 2800 Folsom Street - in the Community Classroom in the Birth Center of Boulder
Everyone is welcome!
You are welcome to bring something to share.
[If you'd like to help out or have questions, contact Lynn at lynn@intuitivehandspt.com or Elizabeth at classes@birthcenterofboulder.com]

Submit a poem, kind words, reflections, images, art, memories and representations of gratitude, well-wishes, celebrations for Stephanie!
The journal collection will be presented to her at the party, so you can add to it then ... OR ... Drop by a location near you!

Write in or bring things to paste inside of it:
~ April 7-13 in JOYCollective & Birth Center of Boulder = 2800 Folsom Street, Boulder CO 80304
~ April 14-17 in MamaHood-Boulder/YoMama = 737 29th Street, Boulder CO 80303
~ April 20-24 in MamaHood-Denver = 2902 Zuni Street, Denver, CO 80202
~ April 27-29 in South Boulder Chiropractic = 4150 Darling Ave, Boulder, CO 80305

If you cannot attend the party nor one of these above locations, email your sentiments to joycollective.info@gmail.com by April 13th at 5pm for it to be included in the journal!
You may also mail cards or notes to JOY Collective 2800 Folsom Street, Boulder CO 80304

Please pass along this information to folks you know that have been touched by the work, services and care of Stephanie Moore!