Cosmic Women's Tribe

May 3rd at 6:30 pm

$30 early sign-up before May 1st

LIve Music by Janaki Rossell

To heal women through women. To unite as one through love, nurturing, honor, grace, wisdom, consciousness and deep respect. We must become peaceful with one another for all women to move forward into the divine feminine.

Cosmic Women's Tribe
Creating a space and tribe of women to fully connect without story and truly touch each other’s soul. To deeply experience the now and the Goddess who sits before you. Honoring the human being that stands before you, walks next to you, sits behind you, breathes the same air as you, etc. Letting go of all barriers, judgements, triggers, ego, competitiveness, jealousy, gossip, etc and absolutely selflessly be there for one another.

In this workshop we will come together in deep
communion, tap into our 5 senses on a more intimate level while creating an environment for one another to feel safe to let go while truly allowing for one to be nurtured, seen and loved. Revealing the Goddess within us so she can shine brightly.

I will guide you through kriyas (mantra with movement), pranayama (breath work) and japa meditation to clear what no longer serves you while tapping in the love that you are. I will guide us into finding the awareness of how to use our story to inspire others rather than fall victim to its circumstances and binding karma. 

Gathering on a New/Full Moon night is extremely powerful
and purifying for the feminine. It allows for us to brign light what no longer serves us while creating a space to empower one another.

It is an important time for women to come together and soak up the Soma (moon energy). It is good for women to wear black and/or navy on Full Moon nights. These colors absorb the energy easily. Wear comfortable clothing for movement. Bring water, yoga mat, blanket/wrap and/or a cushion to sit on.

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